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Moving out of a Poplar home: Things to do & expect
Moving out of a Poplar home: Things to do & expect

Some important things to know about our move-out process

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Moving out of a Poplar home is a hassle-free experience.

Please be guided by the following topics:

Before the Vacate Day

For Residents:

  1. Provide the following:

    1. Final Power, Water, and Gas Bills. Poplar requires these so that they can return security deposits to the residents.

    2. Written notice to Poplar Homes 30 days before the Vacate Date. Not providing one will require the resident to pay rent (minimum of 30 days).

    3. Phone number and forwarding address. We will return the security deposits to the forwarding address, but the resident will distribute them to other paying residents.

  2. A licensed service provider must check and clean the property.

    1. Carpet

    2. Light bulbs

    3. Smoke Detector

    4. HVAC Filters

    5. Exterior of Vents

    6. Drawers & Cabinets

    7. Appliances

    8. Front yard

    9. Backyard

  3. Remove all personal items.

  4. Prepare to return property items (ex. Keys)

For Poplar:

Our team will install a new lockbox on the property.

On the Vacate Day

For Residents:

Residents must leave the following on the kitchen counter or return these to the office:

  1. Access Keys

  2. Remotes

  3. Clickers

  4. Lockbox Devices

  5. Other property items

After the Vacate Day

For Residents:

Residents must make sure that the utilities will remain active 3 days after the Vacate Day.

Some important things to remember:

  • Why does Poplar require a refundable security deposit from the resident? We require it so that on the Vacate Day, the property will stay in the same condition during move-in—except for normal wear and tear.

  • To inspect the property, we will use the property condition report from the resident’s move-in date.

  • Any repairs not listed on the Property Condition Report (that exceed normal wear and tear, per NRS118A) will not be included in the security deposit.

  • Any expenses that exceed the security deposit will be added to the resident’s ledger. It will be reported as a balance due on the resident’s Experian credit report.


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