You can easily set up your automated online payments through your Poplar Resident Dashboard.

Follow this 2-step guide to pay your initial payment 5 days before the lease.

Step 1. Connect your bank account

1. Log in to your Poplar account at

2. If you haven't connected your bank account for payments, go to the Settings tab and select Bank Details. Choose between "Auto-Link Bank Account" or "Manually Link Bank Account."

Step 2: Schedule your payment

Once your bank account is linked, go to the Schedule tab and select Schedule Payments.

When you pay rent or any outstanding payments, you can either:

  1. Select "Pay full amount" to pay the full amount of the outstanding payment

  2. Select "Split payments" to split the outstanding payment with your housemates

To schedule recurring monthly payments, tick the checkbox "Pay monthly (recurring)".

Not ticking it means you will be only paying the outstanding amount one-time.

Save your scheduled payment and you’re done!

Your scheduled recurring payment will show in the Schedule List. It will now be deducted in the next billing.


How to pay rent

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