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How to use your Poplar Dashboard as a Resident
How to use your Poplar Dashboard as a Resident

Residents' ultimate guide to the Poplar Dashboard

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Welcome to your new home.

Renting at a Poplar home is much easier, thanks to your dashboard.

Your dashboard is where you can pay rent, request repairs, and go to the Help Center to read FAQs.

As a Poplar resident, you can use these features on your dashboard:

  1. Profile - Check your rental home's address, lease expiration date, and completed Requirement Checklist.

  2. Payments - Send and schedule one-time or recurring payments.

  3. Maintenance - Request maintenance service.

  4. Help - Go to our help center or send an inquiry.

  5. Rentals - Your past tours and inquiries

  6. Applications - Your past applications

  7. Settings - Link your bank account and change your password

It's easy and helpful to use your Poplar dashboard!

Explore your resident dashboard features below:

1. Profile

Go to your profile to check your rental home's address, lease expiration date, and completed Requirement Checklist.

Your Requirement Checklist includes the following:

  • General Details - Your personal information such as your name, last name, birthdate, etc.

  • Group Details - If you're renting with housemates, this is where you can your detail such as move-in date, lease term, etc.

  • Employment Details - Your employment status, employer, monthly income, etc.

  • Documents - Your uploaded and verified documents

  • Credit Check - This is where you added your Social Security Number (SSN).

Take note: You can't edit these details anymore since you're already a Poplar resident.

2. Payments

Go to Payments to:

  • Pay your rent and other outstanding payments.

  • Schedule your recurring payments.

  • Check your payment history.

  1. Log in to your Poplar account at

  2. If you haven't connected your bank account for payments, go to the Settings tab and select Bank Details. Choose between "Auto-Link Bank Account" or "Manually Link Bank Account."

  3. Once your account is connected, go to the Payments tab and select To Pay. Tick the box of your Monthly Dues. This includes your rent for this month. (If you have one-time charges, tick the box of One-Time Charges.)

  4. Check the total and then select Pay Now. You're all done!

  1. Log in to your Poplar account at

  2. Once your bank account is linked, go to the Schedule tab and select Schedule Payments.

When you pay rent or any outstanding payments, you can either select the ff:

  • "Pay full amount" to pay the full amount of the outstanding payment

  • "Split payments" to split the outstanding payment with your housemates. (Take note that this isn't applicable for paying the move-in cost.)

To schedule recurring monthly payments, tick the checkbox "Pay monthly (recurring)".

3. Select "Save" to schedule your payment, and you’re done!

Your scheduled recurring payment will show in the Schedule List. It will now be deducted in the next billing.

How to check your payment history

  1. Go to the Payments tab. Select History.

  2. Select Filter to view a payment history between two dates.

  3. Select the calendar icons to pick two dates—a beginning and an end—to see the payments you made in this duration.

  4. Select Apply.

  5. You will now see a list of payments you made in the duration you selected. Select See More to see more payment items.

How to send a payment inquiry

  1. Go to Payments. Select To Pay.

  2. Select Payment Problem?

  3. Enter your concern in a phrase or sentence (ex. Scheduling payments.)

  4. Specify your inquiry below.

  5. You may also upload photos to explain your problem better.

  6. Select Submit.

3. Maintenance

Got a maintenance issue at your Poplar home? Request maintenance and repair services here.

  1. Log in to your dashboard at

  2. Select the Maintenance tab.

  3. Select Add New Request to start creating your Maintenance Request.

  4. Follow the next steps to submit your request.

4. Help

Take a shortcut to the Help Center and read FAQs. You may also send an inquiry here.

How to browse help articles

  1. Select Browse Articles to go to the Help Center. You may browse these help article categories:

    • Moving in

    • Paying Rent

    • Maintenance

How to send an inquiry

  1. Select Send an Inquiry Instead.

  2. Enter your concern. It can be among the following:

    1. General (ex. Lease Term)

    2. Maintenance (ex. Repairs)

    3. Payments (ex. Scheduling Payments) — Take note, you can also select Payment Problem? on Payments to send an inquiry about your payments.

  3. Enter your inquiry below. Be as specific as possible when describing the issue.

  4. You may upload photos to explain your issue even better.

  5. Select Submit to send your inquiry.

5. Rentals

This is where you can see your past inquiries and tours of Poplar home/s.

6. Applications

This is where you can see your past applications for Poplar home/s.

7. Settings

This is where you can link your bank account to Poplar and change your password.

Learn more about linking your bank with these articles:

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