Got a plumbing problem? A broken window hinge?

You can ask for our help through your Poplar Resident Dashboard.

Simply log in to your dashboard, submit a maintenance request, and we will address your concern.

If the problem affects your habitability at your rental, we will find an affordable quote for you from our network of service providers.

Follow these steps to submit a maintenance request:

1. Go to the Maintenance Tab on your Dashboard

  1. Log in to your dashboard at

  2. Select the "Maintenance" tab.

2. Select "Add New Request" to start creating your Maintenance Request.

Make sure to read our tips first, so you can create your request fast and submit it right away.

3. Follow the next steps to submit your request.

  1. After clicking "Add New Request", you will be asked to specify the maintenance problem's details.

  2. Make sure to be as specific about the problem as possible, so we can easily think of a way to address the problem.

  3. Finally, after submitting your request, our team will review it. We will figure out the best workaround for the problem.

While waiting for our updates about your request, take note of the following reminders:

  • You might still pay for service provider fees.

  • The speed of addressing a problem will depend on its urgency.

  • We won't address cosmetic problems that don't affect habitability.

  • Some problems need a homeowner's approval before we can address them.

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