Linking your bank to Poplar is 100% secure.

We will never ask for your bank account password.

We can assure you that your personal financial data and credentials will be securely encrypted.

Manually linking your bank account

To manually link your bank account, click 'Link it here'

We do require these details when you manually link your bank account:

  1. Account Holder Name

  2. Account Number

  3. Routing Number

  4. Account Type

  5. Account Holder Type

Auto-linking your bank account

You can also securely link your bank account to Poplar in just a few seconds. Just click the 'Auto-link my account' button.

To link your bank, we use Plaid, a highly trusted organization that provides financial technology solutions.

Here's their privacy and security policy.

If you can't find your bank, you may click 'Link it here.'

Send payments by check

Aside from linking your bank, you can send payments by checkā€”but it's a slower process and more prone to delays.

But if you must pay by check, make the check out to "POPLAR HOMES" and mail it to our West Coast check processing center in California:

Poplar Homes ATTN:

Accounting Dep't.

19925 Stevens Creek Blvd,

Suite 100 Cupertino, CA 95014

If you're having any trouble making your rent payments, please contact Resident Support at

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