As a Poplar resident, you can pay your rent and other outstanding payments on your dashboard.

Auto-linking your bank account provides you the convenience of paying rent without worrying about bounced payments. Scheduling your payments ahead of time ensures that you never incur late fees.

Here's how to link your bank account:

  1. Log in to your Poplar account at

  2. If you haven't connected your bank account for payments, go to the Settings tab and select Bank Details.

  3. Click on Auto-link my account and follow the steps provided.

  4. Wait for the screen that says that your account is connected then you're all done.

Here’s a full list of banks that Plaid covers. In case you run into any concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at

Here's how to check if your bank account can be linked to your Poplar Dashboard

Since paying rent is a monthly transaction, using a Transaction Account is highly recommended since it’s a bank account where you have easy access to your funds on demand without any restrictions. A Non-Transaction account usually limits monthly transfers and may affect your rent payments.

A main example of this is your Checking Account. While you may use your Savings account, please make sure that your account does not have any payment limitations to ensure smooth rental payments every month.

If you’re planning to use your Savings account to pay rent, we recommend that you first check if it is a Non-Transaction or Non-payment account.

Other examples of Non-Transaction accounts are:

  • Fixed-term deposit accounts

  • Money market deposit accounts

  • Retirement investment accounts

Paying your rent with a Non-Transaction account will result to your payment being bounced, which your bank will charge a Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) fee. To avoid this, make sure to link the right bank account with the right details. Please use the image below as a reference:

Here's how to pay your rent:

1. Once your account is connected, go to the Payments tab and select To Pay.

2. Check the total and then select Pay Now. You're all done!


How to schedule recurring monthly payments

If you're having any trouble making your rent payments, please contact Resident Support at

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