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Contact Info for all Poplar Homes Teams
Contact Info for all Poplar Homes Teams

A collection of all different team's phone and email contact info so you know who to contact.

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The following are all the different teams at Onerent, when to contact them, and how to reach them:

Market Development


The Market Development team is for any new property owners who may be interested in learning more about Poplar Homes's services. They can be reached generally 9am-6pm Monday-Friday.


The Leasing team is the second contact a property owner will interact with after signing up with our Market Development team. The Leasing team works closely with our Property Concierge team and helps efficiently market your property and screen tenants.

Schedule a Tour

Browse rental listings online
Browse rental listings online Any renters who may be interested in one or more of Poplar Homes's active listings can call or schedule a tour online 24/7.

Customer Success

The Customer Success team handles all general tenant management issues and communications with property owners once a tenant is placed and moved into the property. They do not specialize in maintenance.


The Maintenance team is in charge of processing any and all maintenance tickets from your residents. The team will work with the service providers, renters, and homeowner to coordinate and resolve maintenance issues in a timely manner.

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