As a Poplar Homeowner, you might be required to upload supporting documents to verify the ownership of your property and for us to be able to draft our contract properly.

Here’s a guide on what documents to submit:

  • If your property is under an LLC, you need to provide an LLC12/Statement of Information.

  • If your property is under a Trust, you’ll need to submit a Certificate of Trust or Trust Certificate.

  • If your property is under an Estate, an instrument that would evidence this situation needs to be submitted by the heir, joint tenant, or personal executor of whoever gains ownership of the Property.

  • If your property is under a Corporation, a Limited Partnership, or a General Partnership, you’ll need to submit a corporate or partnership resolution authorizing the LSA or PMA with Onerent, Inc., and an officer of the corporation must sign the PMA.

If you own a multiunit property, you’ll need to submit a Certificate of Occupancy as well as a Proof of Billing.

A Homeowners’ Liability Insurance (HOLI) with Poplar Homes as an additional insured party might also be required during this process.

Why do I need to submit documents to Poplar?

To ensure everything is up to standard and to ensure the security of all parties involved, we require owners to submit certain documents.

For additional questions or clarification, you can contact our support team at

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