As part of the Strengthen Your Profile step of your rental application, we ask you to upload some docs or forms to help verify your income and employment (if applicable). If you are an international employee, unemployed, or a student, we may ask for alternative documentation showing your ability to pay rent.

If you do not have any digital copies of your income forms or any of the other documents required during the application process, we recommend you take a photo of the document with a smartphone or scan the document and upload.

You will find two different options for uploading documents.

In the Strengthen Your Profile step:

  1. After you complete the Build Your Profile step and proceed to Strengthen Your Profile, you’ll notice we provide a space to upload specific documents. 

  2. Under each file requested, select “Choose file” and select the relevant file on your computer.

  3. Click “Submit” once finished uploading all files.

If we’ve requested you to upload a supporting document or to add more docs:

  1. From the Application Center on your Renter Dashboard, under the My Applications section, select “Upload Documents.”

  2. Using the drop-down, select which type of document you’d like to upload.

  3. Click “Add Supporting Doc” to find and select the relevant file on your computer.

  4. Click “Upload Documents” to complete the upload.

Once we receive documents from all members of your group, our team will contact you within 24-48 hours for any additional information needed or next steps.

You may also contact our Property Concierge team directly at (408) 675-5490 for any assistance with the document process.

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