Get to know the reason behind our rebranding and how it benefits our customers.

What is changing and what is not changing?

What is changing:

  • Our brand name, logo, website, and colors!

  • Our website will look different but have all the same functions.

What is not changing:

1. Why have you rebranded?

Onerent's rebranding to Poplar Homes reflects our company's evolution, to be more than just a property management company doing rentals. Though "Onerent" was a brilliant and functional name for our start, Poplar is something we feel can grow and blossom into a full-fledged brand. We also wanted to get a .com domain in the spirit of accessibility. It saves us the trouble of reminding people, "yea, that's a .co not .com."

In 2018, we launched Poplar Street for our residents to help them accelerate their path towards homeownership. Now, we're helping residents who've lived with us for 2-3 years to buy their first homes.

Our homeowners also come to us frequently for help in selling their rental properties. Though our home selling and buying services are still in their early stages, we want a brand that allows us the flexibility to grow into more of that real estate lifecycle.

2. What are the benefits of the rebrand to your customers?

We aim to build a world-class brand and be a de facto standard in real estate. For homeowners, such a brand can deliver better value for your investments by attracting renters faster and retaining them longer. Renters loved our Poplar Street home savings program upon its launch in 2018 and it's helped us market Poplar listings with an exclusive benefit no one is offering. The need for alternative paths towards homeownership only intensified in recent years. With Poplar, we have a brand we can build upon for both sides of the market--homeowners and renters.

By consolidating our brands under the "Poplar" name, we're leaning into the part of our brand that is most attractive to renters and removes the confines of just rentals.

Under Poplar, we're also calibrating our services to make sure we're providing a full suite of top-notch real estate services. While our primary focus now helping owners identify new investment property opportunities.

3. Does the new logo stand for anything?

The new logo includes a bold, head-turning wordmark next to an iconic home device. Poplar Homes. The house icon has a bit of an odd shape--but that's intentional. We stand for all that "home" means but the angular roof of our home represents the flexibility we give to our customers by removing the frustrating rigidity of traditional rentals. It is our mission to create a perfectly painless experience for homeowners with the entire lifecycle their rental business, and also help renters towards homeownership.

4. Are there are any changes on my owner dashboard?

Yes, for the better! Our product team has been hard at work making improvements to the owner dashboard. You'll see these changes rolled out to your account in the coming weeks.

The first wave of improvements are geared towards increasing transparency and data reporting during the leasing process. In the meantime, our team has been working hard behind the scenes to build a strong backend system to support much better financial reporting and ledger features for homeowners. We know this is a top request from our customers so we expect to roll-out a new and improved financial ledger in the coming months and it's our team's top priority.

5. Will this impact your product and service offerings?

The scope of our products and services remains the exact same. We will only be adding adding more valuable products and services for both our homeowners and residents. Our product development roadmap is first focused on delivering world-class property management as part of our larger mission of becoming your lifetime real estate partner.

You can expect us to roll-out new products and services more frequently as Poplar Homes.

6. Will my property onboarding still push through?

Yes, the rebrand is simply a change of our name, logo, and colors to reflect our mission to go beyond just managing rentals. Please view "Why have you rebranded?" for more details.

There are no changes to our service or scope of service. Your property can be onboarded just as it would before.

7. Is my contract with Poplar Homes (fka Onerent) still valid?

Yes, your contract is still valid exactly as written. Our legal entity name is still Onerent, Inc. and all terms and fees in your property management agreements are untouched by this rebrand.

8. Is there anything I need to do as a result of this change?

No, there is nothing you need to do! Our corporate name is still Onerent, Inc. for now. There is no need to worry about changing what's on any legal documents as it relates to insurance, payments, etc.

9. Have your payment details changed?

No, all payment details remain untouched. You'll still receive rent payouts from Onerent, Inc for now. Any future changes will not require any action on your end and will be communicated via email.

10. If I have any questions not included in this FAQ or if I have any follow-up questions, where can I send them to get answers?

Emails and phone number remains the same. You can still get in touch to your point of contact using the same email address and phone number.

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