1. Are there any changes on my renter dashboard?

Your renter dashboards would have a new look, in terms of colors, logo, brand name, but all functionality will remain the same. Your dashboard and data for rental applications, payments, maintenance requests, etc. remains exactly the same as it was before.

Our team is working on improving the functionality as well so any improvements on the dashboard will be communicated to you as they will be released soon!

2. Will my login details (username and password) to your websites change?

No, your login information is the exact same as before!

If you've forgotten your password, simply click "Forgot Password" on the login screen and follow the instructions received in your email inbox.

3. Do the old email addresses and contact numbers still work? If yes, until when?

Emails and phone number remains the same. You can still get in touch to your point of contact using the same email address and phone number.

4. Has my point of contact changed?

No, you still have all the same points of contact, just like before!

5. Have your payment details changed?

No, all payment details remain untouched. You'll still pay rent to Onerent, Inc. for now. Any future changes will not require any action on your end and will be communicated via email.

6. What will happen to my lease?

Nothing changes about your lease. All terms and conditions stated in your lease remain in effect, and won't be affected by the rebrand.

7. I have booked a tour to your listing, is that still valid?

Yes, all tours are still valid and it's business as-usual, just under a new brand name and logo!

8. Will my application to one of your properties still be processed?

Yes, it's business-as-usual, just under a new brand name and logo!

9. Can I still connect with you on social media?

Absolutely! We love it, when our homeowners and residents connect with us on social media. All of our social media profiles are just being renamed to "Poplar Homes", as part of our rebranding initiative.

Search us up on your favorite platform, follow, and turn on notifications to stay in the loop about all important updates and market trends in Real Estate. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Youtube!

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