Poplar Homes serves more than 14 major metro markets across 10 states. In each market, our range of service usually covers 50 miles long by 50 miles wide.

Our Field Force Operations team spread across our entire service area, and we have on-demand Fielders to serve each local market. Our technology and team manage dispatch and communication with these local teams so that when someone needs to be physically present at your property, we can be there for a showing, notice delivery, etc.

If you are interested in Poplar Homes' services in a market we do not currently serve, please join our waitlist.

Check out the maps below to check the exact coverage area:

San Francisco Bay Area service area:

North Bay Service Area:

Greater Seattle service area:

Los Angeles Service Area:

San Diego Service Area:

Orange County Service Area:

Greater Raleigh, NC Service Area:

Riverside County Service Area:

Sacramento Service Area:

Las Vegas Service Area:

Denver Service Area:

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