Your dashboard lets you stay on top of your rental portfolio to help maximize your investment.

Here’s what you can do on your Poplar Homes dashboard:

  1. Track your rental income and expenses.

  2. Check inquiries and applications from prospective renters.

  3. Submit maintenance requests and approve work orders.

  4. Manage property details and lease agreements.

  5. Add new listings to earn more rental income.

Explore useful tools by navigating your dashboard:


On your Home page, you can see updates about your rental whether it’s New, Leasing, or Rented. Here’s what you can do on this page:

  • If a listing is New, you will see the remaining requirements to help complete your listing.

  • For rentals under Leasing, you can check the resulting inquiries and bookings from your rental traction.

  • For rentals that are Rented, you can easily track your income, total earnings, and expenses using your Accounting widgets. You can also see rent collection updates to help you monitor when payments are on their way.


In Properties, you can manage property or unit details whether your rental is New, Leasing, or Rented. Here’s what you can do in this page:

  • View or update features, amenities, and inclusions

  • Get a copy of your lease agreement

Read more about How to use Properties.


In Transactions, you can monitor financial data and process charges to residents. Here’s what you can do in this page:

  • Have a quick look at your income and expenses

  • Keep track of your rental transactions

  • Add monthly utility bills* to charge your residents

    *This feature is available to owners with single family homes and whose utilities are under residents' responsibility.

Read more about How to use Transactions.


Here are the key features of your Maintenance page:

  • Add new maintenance requests

  • Approve or reject work estimates

  • Monitor work orders until completion

Read more about How to use Maintenance.


The Documents page is where you can keep your essential documents ready in one place. You can upload files such as your:

  • Lease Agreement

  • Deed of Trust

  • Certificate of Insurance

Learn more about How to upload documents.


In Reports, you can view and download financial reports such as your monthly owner statement and tax documents. Learn more about navigating your Reports page or know more about:


In your Account page, you can manage your profile details, tax details, and bank details. You can also update your password for increased security.

For information about resetting your password, see How to change or reset your password.

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