Make a maintenance request

  1. Log in your account and go to Maintenance tab on your Homeowner Dashboard.

  2. Select a rental property that you wish to manage.

  3. For new maintenance concerns, click the Add New Request button.

  4. Identify the maintenance work issue category and its related details.

  5. Upload a photo as proof of the maintenance issue.

  6. Once you submit, work order/s will be created.

Manage a Work Order

  1. To manage a new work order, go to the filter function and select New Work Order.

  2. Select the Work Order that you wish to manage.

  3. You will find details such as Work Status, Priority, request details, Home Warranty, HOA name, and Closed Date. You may also view Line items and Related Requests.

  4. Once a Work Order estimate is ready, you will be asked to review estimates to approve or reject.

  5. After approving a Work Order, we will schedule a service provider to settle your maintenance issue.

To check all your work orders, go to the filter function and select New, Open, or Closed Work Orders.

Read more about How maintenance requests are prioritized.

For clarifications, check out our Help Center or send us a message on your dashboard via web chat.

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