What’s in my Owner Statement?

We’ve recently updated your Owner Statement. Here’s how to go over them.

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The Owner Statement is a document that helps you understand your property’s transactions, income, management fees, and owner distribution.

Here’s a full breakdown of all items in your Owner Statement:

  1. Owner’s name and address - The name and address of the property owner as indicated in the contract.

  2. Owner Statement coverage - The period covered by the Owner Statement.

  3. Beginning Balance - The remaining balance in your portfolio at the start of the period.

  4. Property address and owner’s name - The address of the property and the owner’s name as indicated in the contract.

  5. Transactions Section - This section lists the transactions completed in your portfolio.

    • Date - The date when the transaction was processed.

    • Ref # - System-generated reference number for tracking financial transactions.

    • Description - Indicates the type of transaction that occurred.

    • Details - Shows which property the transaction is for and the calculation of management fees.

    • Money In - Incoming money into your portfolio.

    • Money Out - Outgoing money to be disbursed from your portfolio.

    • Balance - The remaining balance after deducting the outgoing money from the incoming money.

  6. Owner Distribution - The total amount you will receive for the statement period.

  7. Ending Balance - The remaining balance in your portfolio, calculated as Beginning Balance + Money In - Money Out.

  8. Reserve - The minimum amount required to remain in your portfolio, similar to a bank account’s maintaining balance.

  9. Unpaid Bills - Bills that are yet to be processed, usually deducted from the rent or the Portfolio Minimum.

  10. Due to (+)/from (-) the owner - A positive value indicates the funds to be paid out to you. A negative value indicates the funds we require from you.

You can find your Mid-Month Statement and End-of-Month Statement on the Reports page of your Dashboard.

Mid-Month Statement - Covers the 1st to the 15th of the month. You can expect to receive this on the next business day after the 15th of each month.

End-of-Month Statement - Covers the full calendar month. You can expect to receive this within the first week of the following month.

Here’s a guide if you need help accessing your Reports.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Owner Statement, you may reach us via web chat on your dashboard.

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