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Where can I find my property's information?
Where can I find my property's information?

Review important information about your properties on Poplar

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  1. Go to Properties.

  2. Choose a property under New, Leasing, or Rented.

  3. At the top, you’ll find a property card. This contains the property’s address, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and total area in sq. ft.

  4. For more details, select Property Details (or Building Details if you own multiple units that we manage.) This is where you can see more information about your property such as:

    • Property Address

    • Unit No.

    • Property Type

    • Rent Per Month

    • Security Deposit

    • Bed(s)

    • Bath(s)

    • Total Area in sq. ft.

💡Take note: If your property is rented, any edited information will only apply when your lease ends and when you re-list the property on Poplar. The reason is that we want to keep things consistent between you and the resident(s).

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