Track your property investments' growth and more on Properties! This help article will guide you on how to use the most out of it.


  1. Review & download your lease

  2. Check important property details

  3. Know your property's leasing status

  4. View payer responsibilities and other property details

1. Review & download your lease

  1. Go to Properties and then select Rented.

  2. Select a property.

  3. Select Lease.

  4. You can see the lease details here.

  5. To download the lease, go to Lease Attachments and then select View.

2. Check important details

  1. Go to Properties

  2. Select a property.

  3. Select Property Details (or Building Details if you own multiple units that we manage.).

    You’ll see the following information:

    • 6-month earnings - Money earned from rent collected in the past 6 months

    • Summary of work orders - All the work orders for a property, including completed and new ones

    • Property Card - Basic info like your property’s no. of bedrooms and bathrooms

    • Status - This changes when a property is new, vacant, off-market, etc.

    • Property Details - Your property’s address, type, rent per month, etc.

3. Know your properties' leasing statuses

  1. All - All the properties in your portfolio, managed by Poplar

  2. New - Recently added properties to your portfolio.

  3. Leasing - Properties being marketed by Poplar to renters

  4. Rented - Resident-occupied properties

4. View your payer responsibilities

  1. Go to Utilities or Coverage to view your payer responsibilities and insurance coverage providers.

  2. Go to Other Details to view details about your pet and HOA.

Now it’s easier to stay on top of your investments, right?

How to access Properties on

  1. Log in to

  2. Select Properties.

  3. Select any rental home in your portfolio.

If you have questions or concerns, you may browse our Help Center.

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