Add utility bills on your dashboard to process charges for gas, electricity, cable, and internet to residents.

Steps to add your utility bill:

  1. Log in to your Owner Dashboard.

  2. Tap Transactions.

  3. Select Add Utility Bill.

  4. Fill in details such as your Property, Utility Type, Amount to Collect, and Period Covered.

  5. Attach Bill Document in any of these file formats: pdf, png, and jpg. Maximum file size is at 20 MB.

  6. Select Submit.

  7. Check if your information is correct and select Confirm.

To verify the amount to collect from the resident, refer to your contract details.

After you submit your utility bill details, it will be charged to your resident. Once payment is made by the resident, the amount will be transferred to your account and will reflect on your transactions page.

For smoother transactions, ensure that all details are correct. If you have clarifications, send us a message via web chat on your dashboard.

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