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Better & faster: Poplar's automated screening of renter applicants
Better & faster: Poplar's automated screening of renter applicants
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What’s new?

As part of the new renter screening process, we’ll be removing the Applications Tab on the Homeowner Dashboard. It won’t be available after Mar. 7, 2022.

Better & faster: Automated Tenant Screening

Starting March 7, 2022, applicant selection will be handled by Poplar’s robust applicant scoring model.

We use industry best practices for our rental criteria and applicant screening and remove the owner from the process to:

  1. Speed up the leasing process (and rent coming in) by eliminating back and forth

  2. Protect owners from discrimination claims/lawsuits if they choose applicants or see info

  3. Minimize the likelihood of tenants not paying rent but not so stringent that only a few people qualify

Property managers selecting rental criteria and applicants is an industry-standard and is outlined in our management agreements.

Return of Rent Guarantee & Eviction Coverage:

In tandem with automated tenant screening, starting March 7, we’re re-launching rent guarantee and $15k eviction coverage for qualified residents independently vetted and selected by Poplar.

If your tenant meets our standard criteria, you’ll receive rent payouts by the fifth business day of each month, regardless of whether the tenant has paid.

Plus, in the case of an eviction, we’ll cover up to $15k in legal fees.

Learn more in the Rent Guarantee terms section of your property management agreement.

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