Once a maintenance request is submitted, our team will check the issue and create a work order

Step 1: Go to your Maintenance tab

Log in to your Homeowner dashboard and navigate to the Maintenance tab. Choose the rental you want to check and click the Work Order you want to view

Step 2: Review and Approve

Review the work order estimates — you'll see a work description for every line item and its estimated cost. After reviewing the details, you can decide to either Approve or Reject it.

Step 3: Next steps for Maintenance

When you Approve the work order, we will then schedule maintenance work for your rental. It can take a few days to schedule the work.

When you Reject the work order, we won't continue with the estimated work. You can either request a new estimate, decide to fix the issue yourself, or not fix the issue.

What happens next when you approve or reject a work order?

For habitability and common issues, you can either Approve or Reject the work order on your dashboard.

When you Approve a work order:

Poplar Homes will then assign a service provider to fix the issue. The work will be scheduled in a few days and you will be updated once it’s resolved.

When you Reject a work order:

After you reject a work order, you need to select the next course of action:

Request New Estimate:

  • Our team will process a new estimate for your review.

  • Take note: You can only request a new estimate once per work order

Do not Fix:

  • This option is only allowed for Common issues.

  • You decided that the request is not a major concern and will not be fixed.

Fix it myself:

  • You will fix the request using your preferred service providers. Once the issue is resolved, upload the invoices as proof of work. Learn how to upload invoices as proof of work.

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