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How To Add Poplar as an Additional Insured party?
How To Add Poplar as an Additional Insured party?

Before we start management, we need you to add Poplar as Additional Insured on your homeowner's insurance.

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Poplar needs to be added as an "Additional Insured" party on your property's insurance policy. This is in the best interest of both you as the owner and us as the manager.

To add Poplar as an Additional Insured, contact your insurance agent or company and request to add Onerent, Inc. dba Poplar Homes as an "Additional Insured" party on the homeowner's insurance for that particular property.

Some helpful tips in setting up insurance correctly for property management:

  • Make certain that your insurance agent understands that Poplar be added as an "Additional Insured", rather than simply "Additional Interest."

  • You may encounter an insurance agent who charges a fee to add the Additional Insured party. These fees are uncommon but typically small if they exist. The overall cost-effectiveness of your policy may compensate for the one-time fee.

  • Please be careful if a property management company tells you that an additional insured endorsement on your policy is not important. Carefully question their rationale, and make sure you have contemplated the risks.

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