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What are the benefits of the rebrand to your customers?
What are the benefits of the rebrand to your customers?
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We aim to build a world-class brand and be a de facto standard in real estate. For homeowners, such a brand can deliver better value for your investments by attracting renters faster and retaining them longer. Renters loved our Poplar Street home savings program upon its launch in 2018 and it's helped us market Poplar listings with an exclusive benefit no one is offering. The need for alternative paths towards homeownership only intensified in recent years. With Poplar, we have a brand we can build upon for both sides of the market--homeowners and renters.

By consolidating our brands under the "Poplar" name, we're leaning into the part of our brand that is most attractive to renters and removes the confines of just rentals.

Under Poplar, we're also calibrating our services to make sure we're providing a full suite of top-notch real estate services. While our primary focus now helping owners identify new investment property opportunities.

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