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Why have you rebranded?
Why have you rebranded?
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Onerent's rebranding to Poplar Homes reflects our company's evolution, to be more than just a property management company doing rentals. Though "Onerent" was a brilliant and functional name for our start, Poplar is something we feel can grow and blossom into a full-fledged brand. We also wanted to get a .com domain in the spirit of accessibility. It saves us the trouble of reminding people, "yea, that's a .co not .com."

In 2018, we launched Poplar Street for our residents to help them accelerate their path towards homeownership. Now, we're helping residents who've lived with us for 2-3 years to buy their first homes.

Our homeowners also come to us frequently for help in selling their rental properties. Though our home selling and buying services are still in their early stages, we want a brand that allows us the flexibility to grow into more of that real estate lifecycle.

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