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How are maintenance requests prioritized?
How are maintenance requests prioritized?

Categorizing maintenance into emergencies, habitability, or common/cosmetic issues

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Emergency issues

Emergency issues are cases that put Residents or the property in immediate danger. Our Maintenance Team prioritizes these cases and aims to facilitate repairs within 24 hours of being reported.

In life-threatening situations, please get in touch with your local authorities immediately for prompt assistance.

Habitability issues

Habitability issues are defects that impact the habitability* or livability of the property. Our team can provide an estimate and have it approved within 48 to 72 hours, but the time required for the repair’s completion may vary.

While we aim to resolve your maintenance issues promptly, occasional delays may occur due to the complexity of the repair and coordination with your chosen vendor.

*Habitability issues are also listed on the Property Management Agreement (PMA) or lease agreement.

Common or cosmetic issues

Common issues are usually cosmetic or aesthetic in nature and do not impact the home’s habitability. Property owners typically approve maintenance requests for these issues first, and we aim to address them within seven days. However, a Homeowner may also opt to proceed without making any changes.

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