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What do the labels in the Application Center mean?
What do the labels in the Application Center mean?
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In the Application Center, you will find a label beside each home you have applied for. As your application moves forward, the label changes to represent your current stage in the application process.

Check out what each label means below:

  • For Qualification - When your profile is “For Qualification,” this means we are still verifying your application. At this point, we’re still running credit and background checks.* 

  • Qualified - Once your application is “Qualified,” this means your application has been verified. We will immediately send your application to the owner for their approval.

  • Approved - When your application has been “Approved,” this means you have been chosen to lease the property. Your lease will also be generated at this point.

  • Lease Sent for Signing - This means your lease has been generated and we will send it to you via email. To avoid delays, you’re expected to sign your lease online as early as possible.

After you’ve signed your lease, you must settle the security deposit, prorated first month’s rent, and the $50 service fee to secure your move-in.

*Background checks are not applicable in California

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