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Can my property have multiple tours in a day?
Can my property have multiple tours in a day?
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Yes! Our Self-Tour homes are known to have 10-15 successful tours in one day. If your property is a Self-Tour home, prospects can view your property any time from 7 a.m to 8 p.m—even if there’s another prospect viewing it when they arrive.

Guided Tour homes, on the other hand, can only accommodate one tour per day. If more than one prospect books a Tour for any day, our Fielders can do a group Guided Tour.

This semi-competitive environment encourages prospects to apply for your property sooner. They are also informed that the first complete application is prioritized for approval by other owner.

The flexibility offered by Poplar Home Tours helps us fill your vacancy after an average of six to eight tours.

Coordinate with us if you need to limit the property's availability due to maintenance or other reasons.

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