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What should I expect during a Guided tour?
What should I expect during a Guided tour?
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This help article focuses on what to expect when you’re on a guided home tour. If you’re looking for some tips on how to do a self-tour, click here.

Here’s what you should expect if you go on a Guided tour:

  • When you arrive at the property, a Fielder will welcome you inside. Once you’re in, our Fielder will walk you through all features of the home. 

  • Our Guided Tours usually happen in groups, so don’t forget to say hi! It’s also best to give other attendees some room to explore the property.

  • If you’re touring alone, remember to respect the space you’re in by leaving it as you found it. Please do not vandalize the property or leave any trash—it could be your next home!

  • Don’t forget to take a notepad and tape measure with you! If you’ve got some furniture you want to scale in, don’t be shy to measure around and take notes. You can also take pictures of the spaces you want to remember.

  • Got questions about the property? Our Fielder will document all of them during the tour. As soon as we receive your questions, a representative will get back to you with answers.

  • Lastly, be there on time. Your showing will only last less than an hour. We advise you to be there on schedule so you can make the most out of your tour. 

Want to track your tour guide?

On the day of the tour, you can also track your tour guide via the Tour Assistant on the Rentals page. The Tour Assistant will show a map of the rental home's address.

If you’ve got more questions about showings, call us at (408) 908 - 0998. We’ll be happy to help!

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