How can I view a 3D Virtual Tour?
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3D Virtual Tours are helpful for Residents and Homeowners who cannot view the home in person because of time constraints or distance.

Here’s how you can view a Virtual Tour:

1. Open a rental property listing at and click on the Virtual button.

2. Click on “Explore 3D Space” to begin your Virtual Tour.

3. You can use your mouse to click around to walk through the home. To get a 360 view of each room, click and drag to rotate the 3D image.

4. At the bottom left part of the screen, you can use these three features to help you with your move-in decisions:

  1. Dollhouse View gives you a quick view of the entire rental home and is particularly helpful for multi-level rental homes.

  2. Floor Plan View gives you an overhead view of the rental property. From here, you can see the size of each room and the layout of the home at a glance.

  3. Measurement Mode helps you measure the dimensions of each space so you can plan ahead of your move-in.

You can also refer to the digital floor plan found in the rental property's Poplar Homes listing for measurements.

Learn more about Poplar Homes Tours here.

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