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What happens during a Self-Tour?
What happens during a Self-Tour?
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Here’s what happens during a Poplar Homes Self-Tour:

1.  Verified prospective renters will receive an SMS with a link to a webpage where they will input the lockbox’s serial code. The serial code is found on top of the lockbox. 

2. After the prospects input the serial code, they will receive a one-time lockbox code through SMS that expires within an hour. They will input this one-time access code on the electronic lock box located on the property’s front door and start the Poplar Homes Self-tour.

3. After the Self Tour, prospect renters can instantly apply to the property. Our team will send them an application link through SMS. We’ll also send them a survey through SMS to check up on their Self-Tour experience.
4. If prospect renters have already applied, they can log on to their Renter dashboard and complete their profile.

5. Fielders are scheduled to patrol your property and check these 5 items to increase security at your home:

  • Verify the Self Tour lockbox

  • Test keys for valid access

  • Submit a photo of each door entry to ensure no breaches

  • Submit a photo of each bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room to verify the condition of the home

  • Submit a photo of the keys in the lockbox

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