On the day of the scheduled self-tour, renters will receive an SMS with a link to a webpage where they should input the lockbox’s serial code. The serial code is found on top of the lockbox.

After renters input the serial code, they will receive a one-time lockbox code that expires within an hour the property is accessed. Renters input this one-time access code on the electronic lock box located on the property’s front door to start their Poplar Homes Self-Tour.

Here are common questions and answers to help you with any lockbox issues:

What is this lockbox for?

The lockbox contains the key to the property.

What should I do if the lockbox has no key?

If you arrive at a property and find the Lockbox empty, report it immediately at (408) 809-0998.

What is the number on top of the lockbox for?

The number on top of the lockbox is its serial number.

On the day of the Self-Tour, sign in to our website using the link we have emailed you and enter the lockbox's serial number on the section provided. You will then receive the one-time access code through SMS.

Where can I find the lockbox?

Our electronic lockboxes are typically placed at the front door, but for some properties, it might be placed at a more discreet location. You may also check other doors of the property (garage, back door, and side door).

Depending on the home, some HOAs may limit the functionality of our electronic lockboxes based on their specific rules. In case the HOA will not permit electronic lockboxes, we will coordinate with you and we can also use Key cafes.

Below is a photo of a lockbox; its color may vary.

What should I do if I still can’t get the electronic lockbox to work?

If the lockbox still won't open after entering the correct code, the box could be damaged or malfunctioning. If this happens, call us at (408) 809-0998.

What should I do if I closed the electronic lockbox and forgot to return the key?

If you accidentally close the lockbox before returning the key, call (408) 809-0998 and we'll send a new lockbox code to open it. You must return the key inside the lockbox after your Self-Tour.

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