Owner's SSN or Tax ID/EIN is required in Form 1099 which Poplar Homes submits annually to the Tax Bureau before January 31st of the year. This form is where all rent collected by Poplar Homes is declared as the owner's income for the previous fiscal year.

Here’s a guide on what tax details to provide:

  • SSN or Social Security Number is required for individuals or sole proprietors.

  • EIN or federal Employer Identification Number or Tax ID is required for non-residents of the US, business entities-corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies or LLC.

Tax details are best provided at the beginning of the sign up process for smoother transactions. It should also be verified or updated as needed to be ready for tax season.

Failure to provide the correct tax information may result to penalty from the Internal Revenue System and Poplar Homes has the right to charge such penalty to your account.

If you have other concerns, you may send us an inquiry via webchat on your dashboard.

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