Check our Rent Estimate for an estimate of the amount you should list your rental for in current market conditions.

When you first list your rental with Poplar Homes (formerly Onerent), we will provide you with a detailed Rent Estimate. The Poplar Rent Estimate provides just a recommended range for where to list your property but ultimately, the decision is yours for how much you'd like to list your property for.

You can select a specific amount you'd like to rent your property for within one of the provided ranges. These are the three strategies we offer:

You're looking to fill your vacancy immediately and are willing to price your property at the low-end or just below market underneath the range we provided.

At Market
You'd like to list within the range that we provided on the Rent Estimate suggested rental range based on the comparable listings that we have provided. This is the most balanced strategy.

You're willing to risk the extra vacancy cost in turn for a monthly rent that is on the high-end of the market based off the comparable listings. You'd like to list above the suggested range we have provided. Keep in mind that for this strategy, we will only perform 5 showings before you must change your price because if it doesn't rent after five showings, it's quite clear something needs to give and generally that's the price.

Once you select a pricing strategy, your listing will be updated in our system. As we start leasing your rental, you will be able to track the performance of your listing, the number of showings, showing feedback, and applicants. We'll provide proactive recommendations on any necessary adjustments to your asking rent either increasing or decreasing based on market response. All of this information is available at your fingertips with your Poplar Homeowner Dashboard.

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