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Overview of Leasing Service Agreement
Overview of Leasing Service Agreement

Our agreement for our Leasing Only Service

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Our agreement for our Poplar Homes Leasing service:

Our leasing service agreement covers the services, costs, and terms of the agreement between a property owner and Poplar Homes.

Here are some key highlights most Poplar Homeowners ask about:

Exclusive Listing

We require that we exclusively list your rental property to avoid having your listings blocked. Listing sites usually block listings if two or more parties are trying to post the same listing on the same site. Plus, communicating with renters is easier if all inquiries channeled in one source.

Don't worry. We'll help invite renters you know to apply.

Poplar Homes Leasing Fee

Our Poplar Homes Leasing fee is 50-75% of a full month's rent (varies by region). It covers our tech-enabled Poplar Homes Leasing services, including on-demand self-tours, tenant screening, lease preparation, and payment processing.

Compared to the industry average of 80%-100% of the first month's rent, our leasing fee is strategically priced to help you find renters fast without hurting your budget.

Listed Rental Rate and Home Tours 

In our Leasing service, we usually conduct Self-Tours for unfurnished properties, and we sometimes allow Guided Tours for occupied properties.

For the rent price, our strategy is to lease your property at the best rate possible, while taking into account vacancy costs. As soon as we notice your rental property does not perform well in the market, we will advise you to adjust your rent price to lessen vacancy costs.

If you want to learn more about the full agreement, contact our Market Development Team at 628-269-3236

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