Our Fielders provide professional, on-demand home tours.
Once a showing is booked, a Fielder will be assigned this task and will meet the prospect at the home. Our Fielders have been trained to provide a welcoming atmosphere and oversee prospective tenants who are viewing your home. They're briefed on your home's details via our app, including rent amount, rooms, utilities, pet flexibility, lease term, contact info, and any of the other important specifics unique to each home. If the prospect has any objections or comments on the home or its condition, the mobile manager will collect this information and report it back to your Poplar Homes team.

After each home tour, we survey the prospects to get their feedback on the showing and the Fielders. We work hard to ensure all of our Fielders are providing thorough, helpful answers to any of the questions prospects have and we constantly review the quality of their work to ensure only the best are showing your property!

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