Sounds like it's too good to be true?

Look, Poplar Homes (formerly Onerent) is different. We believe technology is reinventing real estate management and logistics so we take advantage of that shift to the fullest degree. We're transparent about our contract and our fees.

Our technology is focused on our systems and on providing a proactive rental experience. We've designed efficiencies through scale and a product-first approach that allows our team to handle a massive capacity of actively leasing or managed rental properties. These cost savings allow us to deliver some cost savings to our Poplar Homeowners.

Poplar Homes' results are shown through our execution in leasing and managing thousands of homes in the first 18 months of the company's inception. We don't just tell you we're experienced. Execution is our Experience.

So, there is no catch! We want to bring simplicity and transparency into an industry that has resisted change for over 50 years. Find out more about our story, here.

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