We provide you with our initial onboarding inspection report, but you must move in the new residents.

Once the lease is signed with your new residents, we will send both parties the final document and instructions for move-in. At this time, Poplar Homes does not meet with residents on move-in day to perform the initial move-in inspection. The reason is that we ask property owners to hold the security deposit and therefore it is the property owner's responsibility to assess the current and final conditions of the rental property, as it is related to the return of security deposit monies at the end of the lease.

With that said, we will provide the Poplar Homeowner with our initial onboarding inspection report which does include extensive photographic documentation of the initial quality and state of the property. However, the Poplar Homeowner will need to decide to use that under their own liability. Both the Poplar Homeowner and incoming resident will also be provided with important information and useful forms to aid in a smooth move-in process. We've included the standard local Move-in/Move-out inspection form as well as a general move-in checklist.

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