If you signed up with Poplar Homes and your rental property already had residents living there, we will initiate the rent payout to your bank account as soon as the payment is collected.

If you home is vacant and Poplar is handling the renter search, you will begin to receive payment once Poplar has found qualified renters and placed them in your home. Poplar pre-approved renters are backed by our Rent Guarantee. This means we will initiate payout on the third business day of the month via secure same-day ACH even if your renter pays late. You can expect to receive your rent on the third or fifth business day depending on your bank and day of the week.

*Poplar Homes’ Rent Guarantee and Eviction Coverage have been reinstated as of March 7, 2022. All new and current customers are eligible for these service features, subject to existing terms and conditions.

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