Renters can instantly schedule a tour of your rental property through its Poplar Homes listing.

Here’s how:

1. The renter opens your rental property's Poplar Homes listing and clicks “Schedule a Tour”.

2. On the Schedule a Tour page, they select their preferred date and time to visit the rental property.

3. The renter provides their full name, email address, desired move-in date, and an active mobile number where we can send an SMS to confirm their schedule.

3. To schedule, they click “Schedule a Tour”. If their preferred date does not appear as one of the options, they can call our direct booking line (628)-269-3074 for assistance.

4. We follow up with the Renters as their showing schedule approaches, so they don’t miss their tour. Self-Tours are available from 7 PM to 8 PM any day of the week.

While Guided Tours can be scheduled any day, renters need to check the available time slots on the Schedule a Tour page.

You can see updates about inquiries and scheduled tours for your Rental Property on your Poplar Homeowner Dashboard.

Your Leasing Associate will also send you a weekly report on how your Rental Property is doing.

Learn more about Poplar Homes Tours:

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