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How do I get updates on the status of my property during leasing?
How do I get updates on the status of my property during leasing?
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The Poplar Homeowner Dashboard has been tailored exclusively for homeowners and is the best place to stay in the loop!

This is where you will receive all your updates for your rental property, both during and after leasing.

You can also contact the Leasing team via calling 628-269-3227.

The Poplar Homeowner Dashboard will provide details about your properties, applications, ledger, maintenance, and your Poplar Homes account.

The information on your dashboard is updated in real-time!

Who oversees inquiries about my properties?

Your leasing team will oversee inquiries received, booked showings, and the scheduling of fielders.

They will also conduct a thorough rental screening, which includes:

  1. Credit checks

  2. Background checks

  3. Financial stability (i.e W-2's, tax returns, pay stubs, etc).

We take pride in our service and guarantee that you will receive your rent on the third to no more than the fifth business day of every month. Because of this strong commitment, we will do our due diligence to find you the right tenants.

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