What is an Onboarding Inspection?

An inspection to determine habitability and rentability of your rental.

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Our goal is to help your property get rented as quickly as possible as well as provide the renter with a great rental experience. The purpose of the onboarding inspection is to confirm your property is ready for showings and is habitable for a renter to move in.
The inspection is done by our local Field Operations Specialist.

To best prepare for your inspection please do the following:

  • Make sure the property is vacant if it will be rented unfurnished.

  • Clean the home and tidy up to make sure all clutter is removed and that the place will look great in photos! Learn about good rental marketing

  • Bring at least three (3) sets of the front door keys with you and have at least two (2) copies of any additional door keys. We need these so that we can provide tenants with the legally required 2 copies. Make sure you also keep a spare copy of each key, just in case.

  • All utilities must be kept on until tenants move in.

During the inspection, we will do the following:

  • Testing and/or replacement of Smoke & CO Detector

  • Testing of HVAC (Heating & AC [if applicable])

  • Testing of Appliances to ensure they turn on and are functional

  • Making sure windows open/close & latch

  • Testing sinks, showers, faucets for leaks & the installed diverters work correctly.

  • Test all the window furnishings/treatments go up & down / open & close correctly

  • Testing all the lightbulbs (They are present and working)

  • Testing hot & cold water

  • Confirming the property is clean and clear of all junk and items that need to be removed

  • Collecting all keys required for tenants.

  • Installing lockbox or smart lock on-site for showings.

  • Testing all doors to make sure they close and latch correctly. (this includes if they are rubbing against door frame or the ground)

Please keep in mind that any tenant or owner occupied properties will receive onboarding inspection appointment only once the premises is vacated.

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