Property owners will get access to a high-demand renter network. Poplar is a first-of-its-kind product. Think of it as a new amenity to offer renters looking to rent your place. Capture the 75% of renters who want to buy a home in 3-10 years. Help someone achieve their dream. 

Poplar is also a way to get qualified tenants faster because only qualified renters are enrolled. A qualified renter must pass your criteria for credit, income, employment, and background checks. Our standard is 650 or higher credit, 2.5x income multiplier, and a clear eviction history plus verified employment status.

After moving in and starting the lease, your tenants have an incentive to make timely rent payments and maintain your home. When a renter wants to buy a home, Poplar will help qualify them as a buyer provided they have been an excellent renter and made timely payments.

If you’re selling your property, we can provide a network of qualified, quick-closing buyers who to prefer to buy a home with Poplar. Poplar also provides heavily-discounted seller-side representation by request. Sell with Poplar to reduce your Days on Market (DOM), forgo the burden of listings or showings, and save up to 80% on sales commissions.

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