Poplar Homeowners can easily update the details, description, and pricing on their existing property by navigating to their Poplar Owner Dashboard.

1. Go to the “Properties” tab and select “Update Property” under the property you want to alter.

2. You will be prompted to the edit page identical to when you first added this property.

3. You can update the Address & Property Details, Parking & Storage, Features, Unit Information, Lease & Finance, and Listing Description.

4. To update your desired rent amount and pricing strategy, select “Lease & Finance”. Navigate to “Desired Rent Price”.

5. To update the description of your listing that is displayed on the Poplar Homes properties page and on over 40 websites (Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, etc.).

6. Select “Submit” to save your updates.

Things you should know

  • Complete these property details are thoroughly as possible. This information will be directly reflected on your property listing once it is published

  • Parking is an essential amenity most prospects look for in a rental home.

  • Offer any storage space you might have; prospects will appreciate the extra space

  • You can determine your own desired rent amount and use an aggressive, at market, or competitive pricing strategy

  • You can also Add A New Property In Your Poplar Owner Dashboard

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