This dashboard is where you can monitor all the applications you’ve submitted to Poplar Homes and their current status. You can also see any scheduled tours.

The Poplar Resident Dashboard comprises three primary sections:

  1. Home Tours

  2. Applications

  3. Inquiries

  4. Group

  5. Profile Details

Home Tours

This is where you can see your scheduled tours. You can also search for more rentals by clicking Browse Listings Now.


This is where you can see your applications for rental homes. You may have up to three applications at a time.

To open a new slot, just cancel an active application. Applying to a home in a queue for lease won't add to your count.

You can also search for more rentals by clicking Browse Listings Now.

In this section, you will see listed any specific properties you’ve applied for. In order for your application to appear in this list, you must have selected “Apply Now” on a specific listing on Poplar Homes (formerly Onerent).

You may apply for up to three (3) rental properties at any given time. If your application for a particular rental property is denied, expired, or deleted, you may apply again to a maximum of three rental properties.

The information presented in the Applications section includes:

  1. The rental property that you’re applying for

  2. The date the application was submitted

  3. Your desired move-in date

  4. The current status, and any actions that you may take for the application.


Under the Inquiries tab, you will see the different Poplar rentals you inquired about on our external listing sites. We will also recommend listings you might like here.


Under the Group tab, you will find all information about your group members and how you can invite others to join your group.


How to Create and Add Members to a Renter Group

How to Invite Someone to a Renter Group

How to Join a Renter Group

In this section, there is information on your Co-applicants, other occupants (anyone who is going to occupy the home but is not over 18 years of age), and pets information.

Group ID

When you click Join Group Now on the Group tab, you will be asked to enter your group ID. Your group ID is the same as the group key. This can be provided to any of your group members to enter in the Build Your Profile flow to join your group using the unique ID.

Profile Details

Once you complete your profile, your details will show here.

Here is the information you can view on your Profile Details:

  1. Annual Income

  2. Credit Score

  3. Move-in Date

  4. Current Address

  5. Birthday

  6. Employment Status

  7. Expected number of Adults

  8. Minors

  9. Pets

Complete your renter profile, so you can get approved faster.

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