Your dashboard is where you can track your upcoming home tours and applications for Poplar Homes.

As a renter who's not approved for a rental home yet, you can use these features for now:

  1. Profile

  2. Rentals

  3. Applications

  4. Settings

Once you become a resident, you can use more awesome features on your Poplar dashboard.

Here's how you can use the features on your dashboard as a renter:

1. Profile

The Profile tab is where you can complete your Requirements Checklist:

  • General Details - Your personal info and your previous landlord's info, if you have it

  • Group Details - Details about your group members, if you're applying with co-signers

  • Employment Details - Info about your current job, employer, and/or employment status

  • Documents - Files you need to submit for your application, so we can verify your identity and employment status

  • Credit Check - This is where you'll enter your Social Security Number (SSN) through a secure check with Equifax

To complete your profile, select Complete Now and fill in the required details.

2. Rentals

This is where you can track your upcoming tours and inquiries about rentals. You can also read important details about your tour and guidelines.

On the Rentals tab, you can do the following actions:

  • Cancel a scheduled tour

  • Reschedule a scheduled tour

  • Proceed to apply for a rental home

There's also a tour assistant, which will show a map of the rental home's address.

3. Applications

If you want to see your applications' statuses, go to the Applications tab.

Haven't found a home yet?

To start searching for a Poplar home, select Browse Listings Now.

Once you find a rental that you like, select Apply Now on a specific listing on

<a href="/>

Take note:

  • You may apply for up to three (3) rental homes at any given time.

  • If your application for a particular rental property is denied, expired, or deleted, you may apply again to a maximum of three rental properties.

  • To open a new slot on your applications, just cancel an active application.

  • Applying to a home in a queue for a lease won't add to your count.

4. Settings

The Settings tab is where you can:

  • Complete your bank details - We will ask you to auto-link or manually link your bank account.

  • Change your password - If you don't have a password yet, create a secure and unique one by selecting Change Password.

Complete your profile, so you can get approved for a Poplar home faster.

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