There are three simple ways to add other applicants to your group: via email, URL invitation, or through a manual application. 

Inviting renters via email or URL lets you share a unique link so they can join on their own. Adding other renters manually allows you to create a renter profile for your co-applicant. 

Check out the instructions below to get renters to join your group:  

  1. Navigate to "My Group" on your Renter Dashboard.  

  2. Mouse over to the "Actions" drop-down menu. To invite other members to your group, you can click either "Invite Applicant" or "Add Applicant."  

Inviting another applicant through email

If you selected "Invite Applicant," a dialog box will pop up. Enter your co-applicants' emails, and use the + and - signs to add or remove your members' emails. Once you’ve entered all other group members’ emails, click “Send Invitation.” Your co-applicants will receive an email with the URL.

Inviting another applicant through URL  

Copy and paste the “Join URL” on the top right corner of the dialog box and share it with your members. The URL takes them to a page where they can join your renter group and create their own renter profile. 

Adding another applicant manually 

If you selected "Add Applicant," you will see a form where you can add a renter. Enter your co-applicant's required information, and click "Next."  Your group members will receive an email invite to join your renter group. 

All group members must complete their profiles and upload their documents to finish your application, and qualify for your desired home.  Need help with your application? Call us at (408) 675-5490. Our associates will be on standby! 

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