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How to Create and Add Members to a Renter Group
How to Create and Add Members to a Renter Group

Follow these steps to create and add members to your Renter Group

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If you're applying as a Renter Group, you need to create an account as a renter on Poplar Homes first.

How to Create & Add Members to Your Renter Group

1. First, make sure to create an account as a renter on Poplar Homes. Click the For Renters button to start creating an account.

2. After creating a renter account, you will be led to your Poplar Resident Dashboard. Proceed to complete your profile to at least 40%, so you can get your Group ID. To reach 40% completion, click Edit and fill in the following with your details: General Details, Group Details, and Employment Details, which are under the Requirements section.

3. After providing your details, click the Group tab. Beside the Group heading, you can see your Group ID, which looks like this: cheerful-dingo-46.

4. At the far right side of the Group ID, you can see the Actions dropdown menu. Click this menu and select Invite Applicant.

5. After clicking Invite Applicant, a popup will appear. To invite members to your Renter Group, type their email address on the text field and click Send Invitation.

6. By clicking Send Invitation, you will be sending an email invitation to a new member to join your Renter Group.

7. Go to your email and find the email invitation. Click the link "Join Group Now."

8. The Group ID text field will automatically be filled in with your Group ID. Click "Continue" and you're now part of a renter group on Poplar!

Things to remember:

  • All group members 18 years old and over must complete their respective profiles. By finishing your group's profiles, you might get approved faster for your desired rental property.

  • If you've been chosen as the renter group for the property, each adult renter will have to pay a $50 service fee. This fee covers the costs of lease and payment processing. No worries though, you will only pay the service fee after you've signed the lease.

Need help with your profile? Call our associates at 628-269-3227. We'll be glad to help you each step of the way!

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